TUESday, DECember 15th 2020

Mo Brooks: ‘Trump Won the Electoral College’

Trump Camp Sending ‘Alternate Slate Of Electors’ To Congress

MONday, DECember 14th 2020

Report Claims Dominion Error Rate Of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed To Create Systemic Fraud’

SUNday, DECember 13th 2020

2nd Senator Expresses Openness to Filing Objection to Electoral Results

SATURday, DECember 12th 2020

Trump responds to Supreme Court defeat: ‘Fight on!’

State legislatures hold the key to the path forward

TUESday, DECember 15th 2020

Mo Brooks: ‘Trump Won the Electoral College’

Trump Camp Sending ‘Alternate Slate Of Electors’ To Congress

MONday, DECember 14th 2020

Report Claims Dominion Error Rate Of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed To Create Systemic Fraud’

SUNday, DECember 13th 2020

2nd Senator Expresses Openness to Filing Objection to Electoral Results

SATURday, DECember 12th 2020

Trump responds to Supreme Court defeat: ‘Fight on!’

State legislatures hold the key to the path forward

FRIday, DECember 11th 2020

GA Gov. Kemp Awarded Dominion Voting Contract After Meeting With Chinese

Pelosi will not say if any other Democrats have had sexual relationships with Chinese spies

Harris, prominent Democrats listed as ‘key contacts’ for Biden family business venture projects

Levin: There is ‘no way’ Biden was unaware of Hunter’s China dealings

Six More States Ask to Join Texas Supreme Court Election Case

THURSday, DECember 10th 2020

Senate Committee Plans First Federal Hearing on Election ‘Irregularities’

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

GA Gov. Kemp Awarded $107 Million Contract to Dominion Two Weeks After Meeting With People’s Republic of China Consul General

TUESday, DECember 8th 2020

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin At US Supreme Court Over Election

MONday, DECember 7th 2020

Director of National Intelligence: Election ‘Issues’ Need to Be Resolved Before Winner Declared

SUNday, DECember 6th 2020

Judge Allows Forensic Audit Of Dominion Voting Machines In Michigan

SATURday, DECember 5th 2020

Watch Jenna Ellis break down video of Georgia election fraud

FRIday, DECember 4th 2020

Arizona legislature demands forensic exam of Dominion voting machines

Members of House and Senate planning to challenge Electoral College vote

Georgia Governor finally calls for signature audit after fraud video emerges

THURSday, DECember 3RD 2020

Felons, dead, and underage people voted in Georgia – all for Biden

WATCH: Video evidence of Georgia ballot fraud emerges

FBI, DOJ nowhere to be found on election. fraud

WEDNESday, DECember 2ND 2020

Stacey Abrams group under investigation for Georgia election fraud

Nevada Lawsuit: Enough people voted twice to change election outcome

USPS whistleblowers come forward with details of massive election fraud

Arizona GOP Chairwoman testifies she saw Trump votes stolen

TUESday, DECember 1ST 2020

New evidence of election fraud presented in Michigan hearing

Election lawsuit filed in Wisconsin over 220k absentee ballots

Hundreds of small Cyber teams looking into Dominion voting machines

Huge fraud revealed at Arizona legislature hearing

MONday, November 30th 2020

FBI might FINALLY be investigating election fraud

SATURday, November 28th 2020

Gingrich: “2020 election biggest theft since 1824”

More than two-thirds of the Nation back Trump on recounts

PA Judge blocks any further election certification

FRIday, November 27th 2020

Trump: “Biden can only enter the White House if he proves his votes are not fraudulent”

Arizona to hold public hearing on election fraud on Monday, Nov. 30

Sidney Powell claims to have pictures of check stubs paid for ballot harvesting fraud

More evidence of voter fraud emerges in Nevada

US Navy veteran alleges missing USB cards, 120,000 questionable votes in Pennsylvania

THURSday, November 26th 2020

Sidney Powell files lawsuits in Georgia, and Michigan

“Fraud executed by Many Means”

Link to court filing here

WEDNESday, November 25th 2020

President Trump: “I won the election”

GameChanger: Pennsylvania hearing breaks through the corrupt media cover up

Judge blocks certification of Pennsylvania election results

Huge court win in Nevada for Trump campaign

MONday, November 23RD 2020

Sidney Powell releases statement on her legal efforts

FRIday, November 20th 2020

Powell: “We will prove our case within the next 2 weeks”

What are they hiding?: Dominion software pulls out of Pennsylvania hearing at the last minute

Giuliani: Fraud being reported by patriots in both parties

Sidney Powell responds to Tucker

THURSday, November 19th 2020

WATCH: Trump Campaign news conference on Legal challenges

Jenna Ellis hammers media for voter fraud cover-up

Sidney Powell: Algorithm was installed to steal votes from Trump during election

Giulani: Number of Disputed Votes Is Twice What’s Needed to Overturn Election

Republican canvassers rescind vote to certify election in Michigan

GOP Lawmakers call for Immediate Congressional Investigation of Corrupted 2020 Election

WEDNESday, November 18th 2020

Cybersecurity chief fired for sabotaging election legal challenges

Sidney Powell now has multiple Smoking Guns on fraud

3000 more uncounted ballots found in Georgia recount

15,000 Nevada voters also voted in other states

TUESday, November 17th 2020

Bannon: Biden is done. Fight will be over in less than 2 weeks

More than 100 Dominion employees deleted their LinkedIn profiles in November.

Sidney Powell reads statements from Smartmatic Whistleblower

WH Press Secretary: “Trump will attend his own inauguration in January”

Ties confirmed between Dominion voting software and Clinton Foundation, Pelosi

Dominion voting software tied to Michigan Governor as well

MONday, November 16th 2020

Trump attorney explains legal strategy

Congress sends letter to Biden informing him that he is NOT president-elect

Trump: “I concede nothing”

Sidney Powell says CIA director Gina Haspel should be fired immediately

Dominion voting security chief was member of Antifa

SATURday, November 14th 2020

Criminals that compromised voting software soon to be exposed

Pence confident in election victory

Alan Dershowitz: “Trump will win Pennsylvania Lawsuit”

FRIday, November 13th 2020

Trump gives update: “Never bet against me”

Expects to serve second term

Roger Stone: Trump’s Path Forward

If an Election is stolen, State legislatures can restore the will of the people

THURsday, November 12th 2020

Sleepy Joe feeling the heat? – After Trump court victories he takes a break from his “President-Elect” circus and calls multi-day lid

FEC Chairman: “I do believe there is Voter Fraud taking place”

Georgia late night “pipe burst” turns out to be a hoax used to count ballots without poll monitors

Court hands victory to Trump campaign in Pennsylvania on late arriving ballots

Michigan voters file lawsuit seeking to toss 1.2M fraudulent ballots

Millions of votes lost through Dominion software “glitches”

Caravan heading to DC for Saturday’s Million MAGA March

Georgia to begin FULL, by hand recount

CAUGHT: Anti-Trump tweets found from AZ Secretary of State in charge of vote counting

Pennsylvania Secretary of State caught with anti-Trump tweets as well

McEnany discusses fraud evidence: “There is so much here”

Giuliani: At least 650,000 votes were counted illegally in Pennsylvania

Biden Chief of Staff: “Yes, American elections are rigged”

Fox News continues to crash and burn

WEDNEsday, November 11th 2020

Georgia announces FULL recount by hand and Audit of election

Sekulow: Still plenty of time to pursue legal election challenges

Trump and his allies gaining confidence that they will emerge victorious

These court cases could reveal a final Trump victory

More evidence of voter fraud emerges in Michigan and Pennsylvania

White House Budget office preparing for a 2nd Term

Is CIA helping voter fraud cover up in order to suppress Russiagate revelations?

Media Fail: PA Postal worker whistleblower did NOT recant his ballot-tampering claims

Finally: Media calls Alaska for Donald Trump

FL Governor makes preparations for Trump win

Trump Campaign was already anticipating Dem fraud tactics in September

Tuesday, November 10th 2020

FLASHBACK: Back on August 25th, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan mapped out the Democrat plot to steal the election

FINALLY: Trump and Republican Senator Thom Tillis declared winners in North Carolina

Just Now: Secretary of State Pompeo: “There will be a smooth transition to a Second Trump Administration”

Dems lose another house seat: CA48 incumbent Democrat Harley Rouda concedes to Republican Michelle Steel

Rudy Giuliani breaks down the evidence that will secure the election for Trump

Senators beginning to rally around Trump. Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt: “The president wasn’t defeated by huge numbers. In fact, he may not have been defeated at all.”

Massive pro-Trump rally planned for Saturday Nov 14th; Big Tech trying to impede turnout through censorship

Director of National Intelligence will NOT interface with Biden until it’s clear who won the election

10 top state attorneys general join Trump Campaign legal challenge of PA election count

Leaders of the world’s major countries understand that the election is far from over

The left knows it’s not over. There is a reason the stores are still boarded up.

Monday, November 9th 2020

Breaking: Attorney General Barr has officially authorized DOJ to probe allegations of voter fraud

Real Clear Politics Pulls PA Call for Biden, putting him back under 270 threshold

Watch Here: Today’s Trump Campaign Press Conference that has been blocked by mainstream media

Trump assures voters on Monday on the fight for Election Integrity, predicts victory

Ted Cruz: Media does not get to choose winner of election

It Begins: Georgia and Nevada Launch Fraud Investigations Today

Battle begins today: Trump to lead fight for election integrity

US Senate Majority Leader does not acknowledge Biden as President-Elect

The word concede is not even in the vocabulary of Donald Trump

Drain the swamp: Trump fires Defense Secretary Esper effective immediately

Stop the steal: This country is under attack

Mathematical evidence that election is being stolen continues to mount

SHOCKER: Pfizer deliberately waited until after Election Day to announce Covid Vaccine

Nothing to see here: Memory sticks with election data were stolen in Philadelphia

Report: Wisconsin election clerks tampered with thousands of ballots

Election fight is just getting started

132,000 identified in Georgia that are likely ineligible

Giuliani: Trump Campaign has the evidence to change PA election results